Danny Bushell

Squad No. 15
Birthday 7th April 1997
Age 20
Position Defender
Birthplace Northern Ireland
Previous Clubs Finchamstead, Ash United, Worplesdon Rangers

Player Profile

The all too often predictably unpredictable, sarcastically class clown-like figure that is Danny, joined, what was then known as Farnham Park, in XX.

If there’s the opportunity to prank someone, no doubt he’ll be there! If there is one predictable thing that would come from Danny’s mouth, its “ball bag,” quite clearly referring to fellow buddy, Cain.

I think he misquoted the song, “Simply the Best,” when asked to describe himself. Take whatever he says, or even does, for that matter, with a pinch of salt. Over to you, Danny…!

Supports: Arsenal

Who will win the title this year? Arsenal

As a player, in 3 words, describe yourself: Simply the greatest

Describe yourself in 2 words: The greatest

Ronaldo, Messi or Pogba? A mixture of Ronaldo and Messi, as they’re both quality players with different styles of play, so I don’t think you could pick a player on who is the better of the two.

Favourite Holiday Destination: New York

Dream Holiday Destination: Travel around America/the world – I canny pick just one destination

Favourite TV show/film: The Walking Dead

Curry or Fish and Chips: Curry

Best football moment: Too many to pick from

Worst football moment: Can’t think of one [supposedly!]

Worst Life Moment: I haven’t got one


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