George Christie

Squad No. 6
Birthday 22nd April 1999
Age 18
Position Forward
Birthplace Epsom (Surrey)
Previous Clubs Horsley Athletic

Player Profile

18-year-old George joined in the latter stages of pre-season, in the build up to the 2017-18 campaign.

The Chelsea supporter – the blonde George, who favours Messi over set piece specialist Cristiano Ronaldo and French international Paul Pogba, purely based on his goalscoring record and sheer ability to skip past defender after defender – may well be biased in selecting Chelsea to win the PL title this year!

Supports: Chelsea

Who will win the title this year? Chelsea

As a player, in 3 words, describe yourself:

Describe yourself in 2 words:

Ronaldo, Messi or Pogba? Messi, purely because of his ability to be able to pick inch perfect passes, as well as moving passed top class defenders with ease and have a goal scoring record he does.

Favourite Holiday Destination: America

Dream Holiday Destination: America

Favourite TV show/film: Misfits / Snatch

Curry or Fish and Chips: Curry

Best football moment: Scoring a free kick in the last minute of the game to win the league for my old Horsley team

Worst football moment: Missing a penalty in a tournament to make our team go out in the semi final


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