Nick Brown

Job Manager & Chairman
Joined 4th July 2015

Nick – an FA level two coach – was awarded a level one coaching badge in early 2011 before joining a Step 7 team as a coach, who moved up to a semi-pro standard.

Following this, he joined as a manager of a Sunday League London-based team and in his first term in charge, totted up the highest points total during the 2012-13 campaign.

His next stop was a new club located in the heart of Wrecclesham, where he was asked to come in and run their first team on Saturdays. After a mixed first season, he guided the side to a 4th place finish – a huge turn around in comparison to the year before.

At the end of March 2015, Nick was one of the three to form Farnham Park FC.

Club History

Weirside Rangers (2011)

Harrow Athletic (2011-14)

UFC Farnham (2013-15)

Farnham Park (2015-16)

Leatherhead Youth FC (2015-present)

Traco Athletic (2016-present)